Our earthworm flour composition can contain 70% protein of high biological value. That is why this annelid appears as one large solution

to nutritional problems that have livestock today.

Worm flour outweighs fish and soy meal. It is used in feeding fish, poultry and other domestic animals like pork. Experiences around the world tell us that supplementing the feeding of the  on the chiken with three worms daily has achieved a significant increase in egg production. In pork, poultry and fish farms, the use of this food supplement contributes to a higher quality in the final product, obtaining lean meats without altering flavor and with totally ecologic products of organic origin 100% natural.

The composition of worm flour, which may contain 70% of proteins of high biological value, makes this annelid appears as one of the great solutions to the nutritional problems of livestock. If the high protein content in worm food supplement is important, more important is the amount of essential amino acids it cotains. The high reproductive rate (doubles its population every 90 days) and the rapid growth rate of the worm (eats the equivalent of its own weight) allows to produce tons of flour per hectare at a reduced cost, as no other zootechnical activity does.

The possibility of transforming organic waste, which in many cases today is an ecological problem, into high-protein meat is perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of vermiculture.