We put at your disposal our wide range of products for the best handling and maintenance of your worms or compost, whether domestic or professional.

PH Measurer

The pH PH600 Milwaukee is an economical measurer easy to use, very useful in sectors such as agriculture, hydroponics, home culture, fish farming, aquarium, swimming pools, laboratories, education, food … This meter has all the necessary characteristics to verify the PH of the fertilizer mixture and / or insecticides-fungicides during their preparation.

It gives a quick measurement of precise values:

– Range: 0.0-14.0 pH.
– Resolution: 0.1pH.
– Accuracy: 0.1pH.
– Accuracy: 0.1pH
– Use in temperatures down to: 0-50ºC.
– Calibration in one point USE FOR LIQUID MEASUREMENTS ONLY

Ph Measurer and Humidity

For optimal growth and development, plants need soil, moisture and light and to have information about this, three elements will help us know when and how to water them, how much light they need and which land is the most appropriate.
For their use, the tips are inserted in the soil by introducing them to the roots, the desired function is selected and the reading is obtained.


A simple system to start in the world of vermicomposting based on a system of drawers, designed to encourage you to start this activity in a simple and economic way, without large disbursements and with little effort, before moving to other more expensive or complex systems . “A fruit crate with cover, so that it fits perfect where you place it”

Compostadores de jardín

Composter made with recycled plastic materials that converts your wastes into fertilizer for the garden and / or garden.
Designed to easily, comfortably, hygienically and neatly compost all types of organic material from waste (coffee, fruit skins, vegetables) or from the remains of plants, fruits, lawns … from the garden . Ideal for year-round use.

Carbonate Calcium

Our Calcium Carbonate is micronized, with homogeneous properties, maximum purity, high whiteness and granulometric stability.
In any fermentation process, pH control is very important, since the microorganisms and enzymes of those microorganisms perform a better activity at a suitable pH. A possible and practical way of achieving this purpose is to use calcium carbonate (CaCO3) as a neutralizer of the medium, which is a salt insoluble in water, with a pH of 7.0, which begins to be solubilized from pH 5, 0. BE ADVISED TO SPRAYLY APPLY A SOUP SPOON per m2. This will facilitate to our earthworms to always be in an optimal PH environment

Base Thermo King y Eco-King 400L y 600L

Protective plastic grid of the composter of the entry of mice and other rodents

Suitable for Thermo-King de 400L y 600L