About Us

We are a company where sustainability and environment are our main priority.


Our passion for this world makes us work hard, always having sustainability as our main priority.


We are a young team in constant evolution, looking for innovative techniques to maximize the waste management.


The passion for what we do allows us to have full commitment to you and to the improvement of the environment.

Crickwoo is a company born of the certainty and immediate need of a change at a national and global level. We are a company where sustainability and the environment are a priority.The overexploitation of livestock and agriculture that ravages not only our fields but those of the whole world is a problem that has been haunting humanity since the beginning of the twentieth century.

We offer a radical and revolutionary solution: Insects.

Crickwoo S.L. offers through the vermiculture (Californian red earthworm) a highly cost-effective solution for the management of non-toxic organic waste from agriculture and livestock. We transform this waste into natural sustainable fertilizers that provide all the necessary nutrients (NPK) and Increase the microbial flora, improving the porosity, erosion and management of our soils, contributing to a greater capacity of germination to these eds.

The insect and annelid family are from the most biologically diverse groups of species. Consumed in many parts of the globe for more than 10,000 years and included in the diet of many animals, they contain a high percentage of proteins, minerals and trace elements, being able to offer a solution to the overexploitation of livestock and agriculture.

Our insects and worms, after performing their work as decomposing organisms, become a food supplement with proteins of high biological value, rich in minerals and vitamins.

In order to participate in a circular economy, we offer solutions such as recovery of land or our Crickwoo plants, which will give farmers a way to manage their organic waste in a sustainable manner, in addition to an additional economic benefit. We firmly believe that what is ecological and sustainable does not have to affect our pocket, that is why our services adapt case by case, to the needs of each person. We encourage you to participate in the necessary evolution of our environment.